The 4 Musketeers

Dedicated to our 4 musketeers: Dill-Pickle, Mr. Man, Monkey, and Miss P. We wouldn’t be here without them, that’s for sure! They fill my days with laughter, tears, and love. Here’s a little bit about all of them.


Dill pickle is our instigator. This guy came into this world with a plan all his own. Born premature (but not enough to really warrant all of his insanity), he decided that he’d throw the Sir and I into one hell of a crash course in parenting. He’s wheelchair dependent (come on motorized!!!!!), and oh so social. He would love for you to bring your kids over and ask a question! His favorite thing ever is high 5’s, so if you see him out and about, be sure to snag one!

Current diagnoses:
Cerebral Palsy
Cortical Vision Impairment
GERD (complete Nissen Fundo)

This kid is one of the happiest and most ornery kids on the planet. He’s also heading into the teenage years so…. WHEEEEEEE……


Mr. Man

Mr. Man…. Born 2 years after his older brother, this guy made me a first time mom all over again. Sleepless nights, breastfeeding, typical milestones… it was all brand new! He loves reading, lego, building, electronics, pokemon TCG (he’ll talk for HOURS. If you have a pokemon fan in your life, you get it!), Harry Potter, and woodworking with Mister, and learning everything there is to know about the world around him. This kid makes THE most FLUFFY biscuits I’ve ever tasted. I still don’t know how he does it. Mr. Man is the reason we started on the homeschooling journey and he’s taught me as much as I ever hoped to teach him!



Monkey is (at the writing of this page) almost 6. He has such a tender heart and loves helping wherever he can. He will also climb literally anything (climbed a clothesline pole at age 2.5), thus is nickname. He loves everything his older brothers do and just about everything else. This kid has a zest for life that is truly inspiring!


Miss P

My baby girl. She is everything I dared hope for in a daughter and so much more! She keeps up with her brothers, loves Mister, and is always around to read a good book. I’m so excited to see where her journey takes her!