About Us

Our family motto is Accept and Adapt. When I was thinking of a blog title that would encompass all that we are and do, those words just kept running through my head! I learned a long time ago that I could either lose my mind, or accept the situation and adapt accordingly. I chose (and continually choose) the latter.

I’m the CEO of this crazy clan. I’m a military spouse, mom to our very own 4 musketeers, home school teacher, care manager, chief errand runner, head cook, chauffeur, bedtime story reader, and general manager of this abode. I love teaching, creating, cooking, chatting, playing, reading, learning, all things geeky, sarcasm, good attitudes, cookies, pies, and wine. ***That last one helps with the good attitudes!***

Then there’s Mister. Mister is the man of the house. He’s currently AD military so you might not hear much from him until retirement.

This is my online scrapbook. I’ll be sharing our journeys, triumphs, joys, creations, ideas, recipes, crafts, and other random things that happen around here. As I get pages on the different kiddos, I’ll post links here for easy reference. Thanks for stopping by!

***Posts may contain affiliate links. These are links to things we have used and love!! I’ll never post a link to something I haven’t personally tried. These affiliate links just help support the blog and the wine fund 😉